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Get your best rate with one of our fixed loan products.

Fixed rates are a popular option for homeowners who are looking to stay in their home for the long term.  With a fixed rate, your principal and interest payment never changes.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Plan your budget with a consistent mortgage payment at a low rate that will stay the same through the life of your loan.

Common types of fixed rate mortgages

The 15-year mortgage

If you are interested in a shorter loan term to pay your home off faster while reducing the amount of total interest paid, the 15-year fixed rate loan is for you.  Shorter term loans carry lower interest rates than standard 30-year loan options.  We offer 15-year mortgages on all of our loan products.

While the interest rate is lower on a 15-year mortgage, be prepared for a higher monthly payment.  If you are not looking for the lowest monthly payment, consider a 15-year fixed rate mortgage and get your home paid off quicker.

The 30-year mortgage

If the lowest monthly payment is what you’re after, the 30-year mortgage is for you.  This is the most popular payback term amongst consumers.  The longer term allows you to keep your house payment as low as possible.  We offer 30-year mortgages on all of our loan products.

When considering a 30-year mortgage, know that you will pay more interest over the life of the loan as compared to shorter term loan.  For many, having the flexibility of a low payment with the ability to pay extra if you choose is a great option.  You can make additional payments to the loan at any time with no penalty.

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